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Article How to Use Web FTP / browser-based FTP - IE
How to use browser-based FTP (also known as WebFTP or Web FTP) in Internet Explorer: Input one...
Views: 1372
Article If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode
If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode
Views: 1400
Article My FTP is really slow or disconnects often. Why?
Go into your FTP options and see if passive mode is checked ,if it is, uncheck it. If it is not...
Views: 1399
Article Where can I download a free FTP?
We recommend downloading WS FTP from here. We have also heard good things about
Views: 1541
Article Why am I not allowed to upload files?
Make sure you are uploading to the right web directory, which is inside the public_html or www...
Views: 1434
Article Why does my FTP fail to connect?
If your FTP progam is not connecting properly, here are some possible reasons: 1. Your firewall...
Views: 1338
Article Why doesn't my FTP password change when I change my cPanel password?
Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your cPanel password. If it does not...
Views: 1347

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